Get some cool ok google assistant setup tricks

Get some cool ok google assistant setup tricks

There is no doubt that Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant right now, It can be on phones, on smart speakers, smart displays, smart TVs or any other device. Amazon Echo Dot and other assistants including Siri, Bixby, and more can't even stand against the Google Assistant. It is more powerful and versatile than others. Most of us don’t even use its full voice action features . While most of us are familiar with the normal tips like getting translations, playing games, getting nearby information, and more. There are also a lot of cool Google assistant tips and tricks which are highly useful but unnoticed by most of the users. So I want to share some cool tricks with this blog, while it’s difficult to tell you about all the tips and tricks about Google Assistant. So here I mentioned 10 of my favorites which you should try.
The tricks were found by myself.

Ok Google

Ok google command Tricks :

1)Create and Access Shopping Lists

Google Assistant makes your shopping list easy. It keeps remember your shopping and grocery items. You can add one or multiple items to your shopping list, just ask the Assistant by saying, “Ok Google, add eggs, milk, and bread to my shopping list and it will do that for you. You can check your shopping list any time, just say, “Hey Google, show my shopping list” and it will show you your list. This simple command  can made your life more easier.Using this command you will never forget any shopping item in your life.

2)Unlock your phone, launch an apps, and Manage a Quick Setting

Google assistant

you can easily unlock your phone and launching apps. To set up phone unlocking with your voice command, open the Settings apps in your phone and search for Smart Lock. Then click on Voice Match or Trusted Voice, then enable “Unlock with Voice Match” option. Then just say this "Ok Google or Hey Google", and your phone will be automatically unlocked . Remember that while this feature is convenient and cool but it’s not as secure as a password or biometric unlock. Apart from this, Google Assistant also helps the users to launch apps and change their quick setting toggle. You can say, “Hey Google, Open Youtube” and it will automatically open the app for you. In fact, if you link your streaming app account with Google Assistant, you can directly ask it to play shows from it. You can also control the quick setting toggles by saying this like, “Hey Google, turn off WiFi” and it will do that for you.

3)Listen to Your Favorite Podcasts

It is a new additions feature to Google Assistant. You can play your favourite podcasts. I mostly use my voice to listen to my favorite podcasts. You can also do that buy saying, “Hey Google, play Hardcore History podcast” and it will do that. The cool thing is that Assistant remembers your last played position and resume from the exact spot where you left off. You can also skip forward or backward by saying “Hey Google, skip forward 30 seconds” and it will do that. By the way, you can use the same command while listening your songs in google play music to go back and forward.

4)Get Currency and Unit Conversions

Google assistant

Google Assistant is also very helpful whenever you need to convert any type of currency or unit.  You have to just say like, “Hey Google, convert 10$ into indian rupees(₹)” and it will do that for you. Remember that when you say dollars, it automatically uses US dollars as the currency. If you want to convert currencies like the Canadian or Australian dollars, you will have to mention that in your command. Whether you also can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or pounds to kilograms using your Google Assistant. You just need to say like this “Hey Google, convert 5 pounds into kilograms” and get your desired results.

5)Expertly Use Google Lens

Google Assistant has in-built Google Lens support. The Google Lens stays right at the bottom your Google Assistant page and you can use some cool things. Use the Google Lens to search for similar products, copy text on the webpage, You can identify various kinds of plants and animals, find out books and media, scan QR codes, and much more. Very useful  thing with Google Assistant is to extract and copy text from a picture. It comes in really handy when you need to open a link url on your phone which someone is showing you on their own device. just open the Google Lens, bring the link in focus of your phone camera then tap on it, and it will automatically copied.

6)Use Location-Based Reminders

This command really handy for the person who always forgets his tasks. It is the location-based reminders. You can use it for instantly do when you reach someplace. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, remind me to turn on the motor When I reach home”. Now, when you reach your home, Google Assistant will remind you what to do. This is a very nifty tricks and will come in handy.

7)Stay on Top of Sports

Google Assistant is also great for keeping track of live scores or the standings of your favorite team in an ongoing tournament. You can ask questions like,

“Hey Google, give me IPL standings.”

“Hey Google, how many boundaries India scored in the last match?”

“Hey Google, who’s playing in IPL today”. Of course, you can switch the league and the team name to know the scores about your favorite sports and teams.

8)Command for turn on flashlight
This command can be handy when you are in a dark place and you have no light to see something. Just take your phone and You have to say just "Hey google Turn on flashlight" the flashlight will automatically turn on then say "Turn off flashlight". Your flashlight will automatically turn off. 

9)Search anything by commands

You can search anything on the web by saying just like " Hey google search nature wallpaper " It will show you some beautiful nature images and wallpapers. 

Google assistant

You can also search music and videos by saying just like "Find How to make biriyani videos"

10)Make Use of the Explore Tab

If you are enjoying these tips and tricks for Google Assistant and want to discover some more tips by yourself, visit the Explore tab. The Explore tab can be accessed by tapping on the icon placed in the top-right of the Assistant page. Here, you can find the list of popular and new commands that you can use to enjoy more features on your Google Assistant.

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