Three best android apps to remove background from an image easily

Three best android apps to remove background from an image easily

Remove Background

Everybody wants to get their images a photoshop like finishing. So erasing picture's background is an important thing.

Change or your photo background and make beautiful photos with another background.You can make transparent background to use like a sticker.

Even staying at home you can pretend like you are on holiday or tour. Impress and surprise your friends with amazing background views.

Here I listed 3 android apps that help you to get professional photo editing experience.

All the apps help you to create a stunning png photos, stamp or sticker to use on various images.
Add background transparent,white,black or beautiful images whatever you want.

1)App Name :- Teleport

Teleport app is one of the best android app to remove background of your picture. 
By this android app you can easily remove background of an image just a one click.

You can also change hair & skin color. Replace or blur background, make a collage.Recolor your skin and hair. Apply magic skin colors like green, yellow, blue and many more.

Take a photo with your camera, or pick from gallery. Apply many effects and filters on your photo.

Edit your photos automatically with Teleport photo editor  
This app is powered by latest artificial intelligence technologies.

Blur the background and make your photo look better than a DSLR portrait.

How to remove background of a photo with teleport app 

1. At first open the app and take a photo or tap on the photo Gallery icon.

2.Choose a picture and click on the check (✔) icon above right corner.

3.wait a minute and then you find some tabs click one by one as 'back ground' 'hair colour' and 'custom background'

4.Then you can set your background of any image from your storage.

5.Click on menu tab and then click on save icon

6.Now your photo is ready to share.

Get it from playstore 

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2)App name:-PickU

This app helps to remove pictures' background and to make a image  transparent. Other photo effects and filters also available here. This app is for cutting pictures and for Changing the pictures' background to transparent or other accurately.

With The AI Photo Cutout remove your image's background and change background just one tap. You can also select and erase unwanted part which you want to remove accurately, by using red markers.There are hundred of Emoji background, Nature background, Frame background, Border background, etc in this app.

Professional photo editing tool, like Blur, dslr mode, Crop, Rotate, Portrait Beauty Effects.

The resulting images can be used as sticker, stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage like a Photoshop finish.

How to remove background of a photo with PickU app

1.At first open this app then click on the plus icon (➕)

2.Then click on 'Cut out' now choose a image and wait a moment.

3.boom! its done your background will be automatically removed by the AI.

4.Then click on check mark twice and select a image from your phone storage for background.

5.Place the cutout on right position and then save it

Get it from play store

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Name :- back ground eraser

Everyone wants a professional photo editing,So this app is also good.By this app you can manually remove background easily.

Png maker cleans background like a pro, don’t worry about the details of your photo, every corner of your image is going to be recognized by the auto erasers.

If you captured your photo with a one colour background then the Auto Eraser can removes the surroundings perfectly. Then you can add a white background or transparent background.

How to remove background of a photo with background eraser app 

1.Open the app and load a photo chose one from your storage.

2.Then click on done on above right corner and then select 'auto'

3.Click on the photo and remove background manually.

4.Use 'magic', 'repair ', etc and then after removing background perfectly click on done.

5.Then smooth your photo to and save it as a transparent and use it as a sticker on other photo editing app.

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