What is digital wellbeing, Need any digital wellbeing app ?

What is digital wellbeing ?, Need any digital wellbeing apps ?

Digital wellbeing

A new feature came with the android version Android 9.0 (Pie).It  came with a bunch of new features and possibilities. One of the updates is actually a new very useful and powerful tool made for helping users how they interact with their smartphones.This is owned by Google called Digital wellbeing.

This tool is now also available on many smart phones. Find it in your device setting option.

This tool was made for helping people to control their uses time on their devices and applications.
Some people as well as students use their phones excessively   Everywhere you look users put their all attention on their screens, rarely interacting with another person in real world. Even in the home and office, people choose to communicate via texting or email rather than talking. Mostly Social media has become a big distraction.It always keeps you from being productive while using it.For this reason google made something for those people who are become addicted by some social media platforms

With the help of Digital Wellbeing tool users can

1)Check Overview of their digital habits.

2)Check how many times different apps are used.

3)Check how many notifications are you got received.

4)Check how often the phone is checked.

5)Set app usage timers.

6)Configure Do Not Disturb.

7)Manage all notifications.

8)Set Flip to mute.

Where do you find it?

If you have a smartphone running Android Pie and above version, you'll be surprised that the Digital Wellbeing is not there in the app list or App Drawer menu.You have to open Phone Settings and find out Digital wellbeing then click on it.

Digital wellbeing app

If you want quick access of this tool  you can always opt to open it from within the Apps list or app drawer. open Digital Wellbeing main page then scroll up and tap on  "enable Show icon in the app list". Now you can use the tool as an app on your app list or app drawer.

You can see a list to take some actions on the main page.

Digital wellbeing

1)Dashboard :-

It displays the details of what apps you used that day and how much time you spent by using them.
Here in dashboard you can locate an app which you've used excessively. Then set a schedule timer that allows you to use the app for a limited period only.

After setting the timer, the app will be grayed and you can only use the app for that set period of time . If you attempt to open the app, you can't and you will be warned that it can only be opened by changing the settings.

If you find you need to use a restricted app then do following steps

Open Digital Wellbeing.

Navigate to the Dashboard.

Find the timed-out app.

Tap the timer drop-down.

Select No timer.

Now The app will available to use again.

2)Bed time mood:-

The Digital Wellbeing tool allows you to add a bedtime schedule
and Turns on the Night mode/reading mood feature to avoid stressing your eyes.Set a bedtime reminder and all color on your device screen will shift to grayscale to remind you it's past your bedtime.

3)Focus mood:-

Here you can set a time range restricting the all distracting apps to focus on your daily works or studies.

4)Manage notifications

You can manage notification permission of all the apps and customize Notification methods.

5)Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb will mute only device's sounds.


If you think that your head got stuck with your device's screen too much so Digital Wellbeing can help you. Let use this tool and control yourself from being addicted , Now you will take care of your eyes or other body part as well as. Always be fine.

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