Best 3 android apps for making cinemagraphs, photo to animation

Best 3 android apps for making cinemagraphs, still photo to animation

Everybody know that images and videos are the mainstream of social networking platform. Everyday, user shares many new images and videos on their social media feeds and stories. If you are one of those, who spend endless times for scrolling up your feeds and exploring all the social activities on internet. then you might know that the trend of animated photos, GIFs and loop videos is trending on these platforms.

Here I listed 3 android apps that helps you to make animated gifs or videos with still images

1)Pixa motion loop

Pixa motion loop

PixaMotion loop image-video maker is a complete app for making short loop videos by using still images.

Make your photos motion animated with some effects by using PixaMotion Photo Motion editor and animation.

apply some fantastic animation effect and cool animated filters on your pictures.Lets turn your still images into live pieces of art in a most creative way with Motion and natural moves.

You can create Cinemagraph, loop videos by using still images and share your creative animated photo on social media.

Make cool moving backgrounds like moving clouds,live waterfall and live wallpapers and personalize your Home screen.
You can selecte as your Screen wallpaper and also set your dynamic images as lock screen wallpaper.

The eye-catching animation makes interactive and incredible backgrounds.

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2)Pixa loop

Pixa loop

This animation creator app brings your photos to life in just a few taps. Create photo animation, from a flicker of flame to cascading waterfalls the creative ideas are endless.This app helps you to create and edit moving photos with easy effects and powerful editing tools.

how to make a cinemagraph

Edit pictures into animated photos - use arrows to add movement on your photo then select the speed, and control what moves with anchors. effects are based on artificial intelligence that helps to make easier than ever. It defines whole areas of a picture, or fine tune for more control.

This app allows you to easily edit photos with powerful AI and easy to use picture animation tools. The picture editor helps you to make your image wonderful catchy animated view with cool edits

Pixaloop brings life to images, creating animation picture effects and that will blow away anyone from your friends to your followers. lt’s a free photo animation app. Animated photos and beautiful picture effects help you to gain more followers.
Make an animated photo then get in on the social media trend and start sharing them. Share your photos, tag your own creations and we’ll feature the best ones.

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Vimage app is a cinemagraph or moving photo creator app that helps you to animate your images by adding hundreds of crazy effects, presets, filters, and overlays and turn them into wonderful creative living pictures and GIFs. This photo editor app helps you to share your art with your friends and other VIMAGE creatives.

Make some eye-catching exposures with your animation, not only for photographers and experts.

Photo animation are the latest trend for engaging animation stories on your social media that's telling about your life.
Share it with friends and loved ones.They will blow your followers away on social media.

VIMAGE app is an amazing tool to make some creative, eye-catching gif and overlays with colourful, blur, brightness and contrast. Post them on your slideshows and visual marketing content. Whether you are a photographer or just a casual storyteller taking pictures in nature This app will up your photography skills to another label.

Feel the power of the new Flow and Stretch Animator to create motion that you never seen before. With these tools, you can add animation to the parts which you want to make moving or flowing on your photos.
 Now make animated photo and create the best motion picture.

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