Whatsapp status saver and tools applications

Whats app tools

Whatsapp status saver and tools applications

1)Name - Status saver


This app is for downloading whatsapp status including photos and videos of the people on your contacts.This is a light weight app below 10mb

#How to use

1 - Check the Desired Status/Story in your whatsapp
2 - Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View...
3 - Click the Save Button...


1 - Check the Desired Status/Story...
2 - Hold on a Status to Enable Multi Selection,
3 - Select "Save" from the Toolbar Menu!

The Status Image/Video is Instantly saved to your Gallery


You get four options save,share,repost,set as.
& You will be notified of new statuses.

The Only App in the Store which shows you Statuses from 4 Different Apps/Environments!
They include -
1) Normal Statuses,
2) G.B Statuses,
3) Business Statuses,
4) Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Pro


This app is so nice to download statuses of the people in your contacts.whatever they post.But if your mobile data is on there will be showed many ads.

*Download it from play store.
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2)Name - Smart tools Pro


This app is a complete tool for whats app.It is also a light weight app. There are many options to do.
 I mention some of them

All whatsapp Status saver like photos and videos.

Create impression to your friends doing cool texting and sending tricky emojis.

Create crazy texts and add love,funny, cool,motivational,sad etc statuses from this app.You can share them to other social media platforms.

make a text with a emoji and send message with repeated word or text after setting a repeated count.

and more.

#How to use

Go to the options in this app and enjoy but you have to know some icons those are

Status saver UI


Status Saver
Easy way to download and save status of your friends then Re share it as your status and on other social media platforms.
Collect birthdays and Festivals status images and videos from your friends.
share downloaded status later if you want.
Download whats app images and download whats app videos with status

#Others Feature

1) Cleaner
Tap to clean whatsapp data.Release memory space of device.

2) Deleted Chat
Check your deleted chats.Recover whatsapp deleted chats.

3) Chat Locker
Lock your private friends chat.
Group chat locker password lock for whatsapp chat.Secret chat lock for whatsapp.

4) Text Repeater
East chat repeater for textnumber of repeat text.

Like [hihihihihi......]
You can send it vertically.

5) Text to Emoji
Convert text to Long Funny Emoji,Love emoji for whatsapp.Transform text to emoji chat.
Like this
😍     😍😍
😍         😍
😍         😍

    😍 😍 
 😍        😍
😍          😍
 😍        😍
    😍 😍

    😍 😍 
 😍        😍
😍          😍
 😍        😍
    😍 😍

   😍 😍 😍
😍          😍
😍          😍
   😍 😍😍

6) Crazy Text style
Apply crazy text style and animation for whatsapp chat.
stylish font,symbols for message chat.gif style text
Like this
 (ⓗⓞⓦ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ)
(𝓱𝓸𝔀 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾)
( 🇭 🇴 🇼  🇦 🇷 🇪  🇾 🇴 🇺)

7)Caption Status
Best caption, clever cool caption,cute,fitness,funny,life,love message,motivation text,sad emoji etc
copy and share any caption as you need.

8) Blank Message
send blank message easy way.with row setting

9) Direct Chat
send message to direct text without saving a number.

10) Ascii Faces
Share Happy Face, Angry Face chat, face for whatsapp, Wink face etc

Like this


Very nice app.I was impressed after using this app.But if your mobile data is on there will be showed many ads.easy to use.
This app is not associated with whatsapp or Facebook co..
If you are in trouble then comment.

To get it from playstore click the button below

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