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Three best android apps to remove background from an image easily

Three best android apps to remove background from an image easily Everybody wants to get their images a photoshop like finishing. So erasing picture's background is an important thing.
Change or your photo background and make beautiful photos with another background.You can make transparent background to use like a sticker.
Even staying at home you can pretend like you are on holiday or tour. Impress and surprise your friends with amazing background views.
Here I listed 3 android apps that help you to get professional photo editing experience.
All the apps help you to create a stunning png photos, stamp or sticker to use on various images. Add background transparent,white,black or beautiful images whatever you want.
1)App Name :- Teleport

Teleport app is one of the best android app to remove background of your picture.  By this android app you can easily remove background of an image just a one click.
You can also change hair & skin color. Replace or blur background, make a co…

Best 3 mobile antivirus, antimalware app for android 2020

Best 3 mobile antivirus, antimalware app for android 2020
Nowadays Cyber attacks and cyber bullying are a common threat so antivirus apps and anti-malware apps are also necessary for android devices. although google scans most of the installed apps in your device but what about third party apps and incognito browsing?
However, there are so many people who want more protection than that just to be on the safe side. Antivirus apps can keep your device away from viruses, attackers, ransomware, spyware, adware etc and tighten up security while browsing. There are a hundred of options on most available platforms. Here are best 3 antivirus apps for every situation on your device.
1)Name - Avast antivirus

Premium version :-$2.99 per month / $11.99 per year(may varied)  Avast antivirus app is a Mobile Security android app with Free Antivirus, Virus cleaner and Phone cleaner(avast cleaner)
It Protects your phone against viruses & other types of malware with Avast Mobile Security,It is one …

Best Popular Chinese Apps Alternatives that should be use to enhance your privacy

Best Popular Chinese Apps Alternatives that should be use to enhance your privacy In this 2020, Huge part of Indian market has been taken over by Chinese apps.Most of the top-trending apps on the Play Store have Chinese roots. Many Intelligent expert claim that Chinese apps collect user data and even some personal identifiable information. The recent case was Mi Browser collecting search queries even in incognito mode and sending the data back to China. Same as TikTok has been reproached of sending draft videos to servers in China. There are many such instances and all of them one common thread is user data are sent to Chinese servers over looking user privacy. As we know, any data that is held in China is wide open to access by Chinese authorities, and that is a major anxiety.
So in order to restrain your privacy, here I listed some best Chinese apps alternatives that you should have on your android phone.

Files (by google) alternative for SHAREit/Xender/ES File explorer

Adobe scan al…

Get free Temporary disposable email address from android apps

Get free Temporary disposable email address from android apps Disposable Email Address sets up a different, unique email address for every sender or recipient. It works most usefully in the scenarios where someone may sell or release an email address to spam lists or to other unscrupulous entities.
The most common uses of this type email is on online registration for sites offering discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, online shopping, and file hosting services. In a time when email spam has become an everyday annoyance, and when get identity theft threatens, DEA(Disposable Email Address) can serve as a convenient tool for protecting Internet users from these problems.    
Disposable email addresses can be terminated if someone starts to use the address in a manner that was not intended by the creator.
That kinds of email address protect your mail from spam, bots and phishing .
I listed two android apps Where you can Find temporary and disposal email address for free you ca…

Three Best android apps for HD 4K wallpaper

Three Best android apps for HD 4K wallpaper
A Wallpaper gives our phone a very beautiful look.So many people go to search and download any size wallpapers but they are can't fit in perfect screen size of the devices and consume more battery power.So there are many wallpaper apps in google playstore.These apps are not only help to Find various categories HD and 4K wallpapers but also determine the correct screen size of the wallpapers you needed for your device.You can even update your screen daily with new wallpapers.Here I listed Three best wallpaper apps which are tailored with various categories,very high quality and device's screen adaptive wallpapers.

1)Name - Wall X

To get high-resolution HD & 4k wallpapers of your generation. Increase your impression with exclusive wallpapers aligned to the current trends in the world to provide you the best wallpapers

A hassle free experience with a minimalist User interface and very few numbers of advertisement.Most of …

Find hashtags for instagram get likes, followers with android apps

Hashtags for instagram get likes, followers with android apps

Find hashtags for instagram,get likes and followers with three android apps
Everyone wants to get likes and followers on Instagram.But how can you find popular and trendy hashtags those give your post a boost on Instagram news feed

Now I am gonna tell you how to find a better hashtags to give a free boost to reach on a huge number of people’s feed

Here I listed three hashtag apps which help you to find out popular and trendy hashtags in a various categories.

1) Name - hashtags for Instagram

This app can help you to find out hashtags in various category as Popular,Sports,Animals,Fashion,Celebrities,Social,Text art ,Weather,Seasons,Food,Entertainment and many more (more 140 subcategories also available)

The app helps to increase likes and followers for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram easiest and fastest

Make custom hashtags, easy Swipe to delete custom hashtags item and easy to use

You may get more likes and followers us…

Three Best weather apps for android

Best weather apps for android We all know that weather forecasting with the help of internet is now at everyone's fingertips.Today, smartphone and tablet apps provide up to the minute weather alerts and you can prepare your out door plan safely with the weather apps.
Below I have listed very useful apps so you will never take a unprepared step outside. 1)weather forecast


The weather forecast, one of the best weather now app for android on play store, one of the best choice for you.
Weather forecast, which has accurate weather information for anytime and everywhere.

you will have all convenient local weather forecast & real time rain, thunder storm, ice & snow reports, weather maps just at your fingertips.

You can prepare your outdoor plan carefully with this weather information app.You will be successful at workplace and have better and safe life.


This app is totally free

Get weekly, daily, hourly update with real time.Weather forecast for glob…